Quarter Century

Turning 25, a quarter century.

You’d think this was super exciting, finally a quarter century old! Maybe it’s something scary? Oh no I’m getting older!
None of this is relevant when you have a healthy mix of anxiety and depression. Sure I’m freaking out, who doesn’t when they turn 25? Who even expects to make it to 25? Yeah yeah I know, “you’re only 25!” Yessir.

It doesn’t matter how old I turn or how much I do for that year I always feel like I am light years behind where I want to be. The only thing I can think of this week is all the things I want to do, and to do them now. I’m a normally impatient person, however the week of my birthday every year? Watch out! It’s like a new years resolution half way through the year, life changes everywhere.

However this year, I’m trying to do things differently. So here it is, a list of everything I have accomplished, everything that I am proud of having done and how far I’ve come, with what I want to accomplish over the next few years, not all this week (even if I’m desperate to)

  1. I work a full time, above minimum wage with benefits job that I enjoy 90% of the time
  2. I’m out of my parents place (although renting with my boyfriend and brother) 
  3. I’ve graduated University with a Bachelor with Honours in English Literature
  4. I have a car I love
  5. I’ve got savings in the bank
  6. All the pets (a cat and rabbit and dog) that I adore
  7. I’m getting healthier everyday

What I want to accomplish?

  1. Have my car fixed and running smoothly
  2. Manage to keep a small vegetable garden alive to eat healthier and cut down waste and cost
  3. (this year) Buy property I’ve always wanted and begin building my dream home
  4. Cut down on waste (reusable grocery/produce bags, eat clean, less garbage, recycle more, rebuild or re-purpose what I can etc) 

Getting older doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Life doesn’t end at twenty five. Even if a lot of feel like it does, or will. Some of us had trauma to face over our teenage and young adult ages. Some of us were on our own and struggling little steps at a time to get where we are.

Twenty five is not the time to have everything together. You have years ahead of you. Make sure you’re not following anyone else’s dreams, only your own. Even if you aren’t where you want to be (me too!), there is still time, and there is so much you have already accomplished. Even if you don’t think so.

So that’s the challenge this year. And every birthday after this year. To look back on the year and see what I have accomplished, and what I have changed. Sometimes change is more than enough.

Everything else? Can wait till next year.

Wish me luck and stay different!


This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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