When The Doctor Says You’re Fine

I understand doctors are medical professionals who went to school for years to better understand and diagnose illness. Understanding that in this age of the internet that a lot of their patients may be coming to them with wild illnesses they think they have. In a world of sugar and lack of exercise and sleep we are often sick. I know when a doctor says something, you should listen.

However this does not mean that they are always right. The same way teachers are not always right or our parents are not always right. We want them to be, we expect them to be, but they are human like the rest of us. They are not always right.

For years since University I have bounced between its all in my head and spending days in the doctors waiting room for weird unmanageable symptoms. I spent time with my family doctor and in the walk in for second opinions. They all agreed, yes you’re sick, yes your tests show abnormalities. No we don’t know what it is, but it is definitely not what you think it is.

Follow up tests

I was sent to eye doctors, allergists, for blood, and urine tests, everything came back relatively normal. With one or two things too low or high that needed to be watched. Nothing too alarming to the doctors, low b12, b6, low vitamin C and D. Low hemoglobin, red and white blood cells, low iron, high immune system response, yeast etc.

However, “all you need is to eat healthy and exercise” was the answer, take a few supplements and you’ll feel better. So I did. I continued to eat no sugar low carb, clean eating and three nights a week at the gym. Then I could no longer make it to the gym so I got the equipment I used the most for my apartment, until I couldn’t even get on those anymore. I was exhausted, headaches, stomach issues, sinus problems, not healing well, no feeling well. Eating healthy and exercising wasn’t working. I had gained weight even though I was tracking everything I ate and all my exercise on apps on my phone. Connecting MyFitnessPal with GoogleFit and LGHealth (these apps make everything so easy!). I was sick. Back to the doctors I went and again with weird results and the recommendation to eat healthy and exercise.

I tried that

I’ve cut exercise out, I now just have my active job (5,000+ steps a night) plus daily (3 times a day) walks with my dog and days at the park while eating healthy. I looked online, joined some forums, did my research for months and sifted through all the insane diagnoses until I realized it was what I thought all along. Why was I listening to others and not my body and myself? Mold poisoning. I’d gone to the doctors two years previously (when this all started) with the symptoms and that I had been exposed to large amounts of black mold at home. Symptoms got better when I moved out but not completely. I started a round of over the counter treatment for mold poisoning and guess what? I’m not 100% but I’m starting to feel the climb.

“It’s not what you think” “it’s not mold poisoning, can’t be” from every doctor. They are not always right. They usually are, but this time I had to listen to my body and know what I had experienced up to this point. I had to trust myself.

Here’s to feeling better one day at a time, and to some day blogging on a regular basis, stay different!


This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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