To The Boys

This is to the boys in my life that have done everything to help me to get to where I am today. Without them I would not have graduated, have the full time job I have now. I wouldn’t be where I am with saving money and getting further in life.

To “A” my brother

1. for helping me financially these last few years
2. for putting up with me as a roommate, I could never afford rent on my own!
3. for being the voice of reason when it comes to all the negative judgmental voices of my past in my head
4. for being proud of me for everything I’ve accomplished no matter what

To “K” my love

1. For putting up with my snarky snarly a** every morning
2. for helping me feel more comfortable and more “human”
3. for keeping me motivated to do what I want in life and to fight my depression every day
4. for teaching me what passion, and emotion is like. What it feels like to be cared for and loved without judgement

I’ve had a hard time the last few years and every day I get closer to my goals in life I feel further and further from them. This isn’t to say that I haven’t had tons of family and friends help me along the way and I am forever grateful for that, but this is to the two that have put up with me the most and for the longest. They have helped me to grow and accomplish what I need. I’d like to think that these years have been equally supportive and helpful for them.

I couldn’t have done everything that I have without these two. A put up with my nagging and pushing to get into the same company he was with when they were hiring and has put up working along side me these past few years. K has been through watching me get healthier and struggle taking full time to being able to work full time, handle the house work and eat healthy.

These two deserve the best for putting up with each other and myself through all our differences and disagreements. This is to the boys.

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