Thigh Rub by A Fat Girl!

Thigh rub! I can hear the groans and tears from here, so from a fellow fat girl, here are the 5 things I’ve done!

Got yourself a man?

Steal those boxers! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve stolen my guys favourite black boxers as quick fix shorts under a dress, desperate times call for desperate measures! No boyfriend? No problem! Steal a pair from your brothers unopened Christmas/Birthday boxers, or girl! Buy some! Walmart has single pair options for fair prices as well as Dollarama!

Bike Shorts

Now this option is for the ladies with a little extra money to spare. I love my bike shorts for under dresses, they’re like mini leggings, easy and slimming! However they are not a dollar store purchase kind of thing, and I recommend dishing out a little and getting a good pair!

Those leggings we wear all winter to protect our legs with full range of motion? Cut em! I know, I know, but my leggings! In a pinch they work, if you can handle the rolling that is. I find quickly showing a sturdier bit of ribbon to the inside of the bottom of the leggings works wonders if I have the time, otherwise I just deal till the event is over.

Strapped for cash?

Dollar store baby! Get yourself a set of small bra bands and hike them up your thighs! they work the same as those fancy lacy ones sold for thigh rub at a fraction of the cost. Also back to option 1, boxers! The dollar store sells em cheap and if you’re worried about them being from the dollar store wear underwear under them, its for your thighs anyways! Take a quick peruse around your local dollarama or dollar tree you’ll find wonders there for your thighs.

Last but not least

If you don’t mind putting the money out there are plenty of products advertised for thigh rub and friction burns. One that is all over the internet, baby powder! If you own some sprinkle on your thighs and go, reapply as needed and the dollar store sells small travel bottles! Otherwise there are roll on deodorant types you can apply/ reapply as needed. I put this option last because personally I am sensitive to oh so much and find the deodorant options make me break out and itchy and baby powder just rubs right off my beautifully thick thighs so spending the money on something that is going to run out or not work isn’t an option for this broke woman.

Stay beautiful, and stay different!

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