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This year has been anything but boring. With all the excitement has unfortunately come a higher amount of call ins. Between family emergencies and my own I haven’t hesitated to call in like I have in the past. Two days tops was all I ever allowed myself, I never needed more, I rarely used more than one.


at my current job things have changed. Between being turned away at every turn for advancement and notice. I’d started to lose my can do attitude and felt my home and family meant more to me than my job. For the first time in my life. I had missed out so much the first year and half by never calling in. Never seeing my family in the hospital or being there to help them out.

As I called in more than the twice than normal. (But less than others on the team) I felt guiltier and guiltier every time. I was embarrassed going back into work the next day even though no one batted an eye. Then the verbal warning came. I’d called in more than the company was happy with, I understand and expected this.

What I didn’t expect

(but probably should have) was the quick, formal, uncaring warning with no concern. There was no, why have your call ins gone up this year? Is everything okay or is there something going on the company should know about? This is after two and a half years of yes I’ll come in on my day off. Yes I can take over their work, yes I can, I will, I’d love to. In my mind I’d been a great employee, happily accepting any work thrown my way. Looking for every opportunity to learn and advance but still human. Calling in when sick when it was necessary. when my grandfather was in the hospital, when my sister had her first baby. When I was legitimately sick (as readers of previous posts will know I’m fighting mould poisoning at the moment).

Today I found out that, that didn’t matter. I am still an employee, a young employee, who has a responsibility to uphold certain aspects of the job without question no matter how other aspects of the job are going. I’m an employee here to do a job and the advancement and good work was for myself. I noticed and felt good about it, and will continue to be proud when I do a good job even if there is no acknowledgment because this is no longer school. I had been spoiled in high school and University that my hard work and good attitude outweighed any faults I brought or would at least have others wondering if there was a reason for the sudden absences or attitude.

There usually is.

To the employers out there, please ask your employees. Your hard workers, slackers, the kid with an attitude all of a sudden. Ask first if there is a reason, because they, we, are not just numbers or employees, we are people like you working our way up the best we can and sometimes, sh*t happens.

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