Take Care of Yourself

I don’t say this lightly, take care of yourself. Any way that you can and in any way that you need to. This last part is so important. Don’t let anyone stop you from taking care of yourself in any way that you NEED to. Even if it seems silly, selfish, strict, like you’re pampering yourself, that it is unnecessary etc etc. Do. Not. Let other people or yourself stand in the way of what you need to do to take care of yourself.

I say this because for the 100th time I am fighting an eyelid infection that I probably could have stopped. I have a special kind of blepharitis – where your eyelids produce too much of everything and clog themselves. On top of that, I am mildly allergic to it. So every year, usually two, three times if it’s bad a year. I get giant stye like infections on my right eyelid, they’re sore, red, and ugly, and did I mention sore? I meant make your eyes water painful to blink.

They usually last about three months before they heal. If you do the math, three time at three months (that’s short, sometimes it’s six months) I have these for 6 – 12 months of the year. Now sometimes I can go a whole six months and keep my eyelids happy but it takes a lot of work, and what some would consider “pampering”.

I don’t take care of my eyelids in the way that I should because I do not take the time away from the rest of my life to do so. I have to do daily warm compresses, like those amazing warm/cold eye masks,


and regular eye scrubs and eye “facials” cool cucumber and moisturizers, relax and care for the eyelids and face area around it. However I don’t do this. Why? Because I have been told I am spoiled, that people wish they could relax and do those things, it must be nice etc etc. I also get rushed, have a busy life and sometimes just do not personally take the time, but then here we are.

Literally just taking care of myself and taking ten minutes a day to do a relaxing eye care routine would save me months of pain and embarrassment (possibly, I’ve never done the care long enough to know for sure it’ll work, but my eye doctor says it should) my eye doctor is telling me to do this, but it is seen as pampering and unnecessary.

Now I have to spend more time on my eye daily and deal with the consequences. However, I’m finally starting to see the point in taking care of yourself and not listening to what other people think. Yes it is nice to be able to take care of my eye in a way that keeps it healthy, and you know what, yes it is really nice that it involves relaxing in bed with a warm eye mask for ten minutes every day.

You wish you could do it too? Well you can! grab an eye mask, set your alarm and relax for ten minutes. We all deserve it, we just don’t do it. This world has become a place where stress and going non  stop is the norm. It doesn’t have to be, we do not have to feel bad for taking care of ourselves. We’ll thank me for it, and so will the others around you. Let them be jealous, take care of yourself and stop feeling guilty for it (or try not to, I know its not as easy as just not feeling guilty) I’m still getting there myself.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this, my sister gets blocked ducts, and i wonder if what you’ve mentioned may help alleviate her symptoms. she doesn’t have things anywhere near as extreme as you, but your advise may just help her. Again thank you for sharing.

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