Missing a Week

I’m sitting here in front of the computer desperate to write something, anything. I have 25+ drafts ready to be fleshed out, I have ideas in my head but nothing at my fingertips. I have nothing that wants to come out, be written freely for a post this week. I’m almost prepared to miss a week. But missing a week seems wrong.

I started posting once a week because it was do-able. I didn’t want to push myself too far or become too busy, I didn’t want writing a blog to become another stressful “to do”. This is my therapy, my life, my experiences, my way of writing through my life lessons. I’m almost prepared to miss a week. Otherwise this becomes another stressful “to do” when something HAS to be written this week.

It’s been one of those weeks.

I missed the entire week for exercise (other than short walks with Bear), I missed meal prepping everything I needed this week, I missed my one self care Sunday last Sunday, the start of this very long week of missing things. I am almost prepared to miss a week.

This post won’t be very long, it’s just a reminder that it is okay to miss a week, and even though I missed so many things this week, I didn’t miss posting something. Next week? Is a new week. I’ve already gotten back on the exercise train this week, after my missed week, am I sore? You betcha. Am I cursing myself for missing an entire week? You know it. Do I feel guilty? I did, but not anymore, because I came back, I continued this starting week and still feel good about what I am doing.

You miss a week, it happens.

Whatever it may be, phone calls, exercising, eating healthy, writing a chapter or a blog post, anything. There is always next week, so long as you get back to it, keep going and know there is no reason to feel guilty.

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