The Beginning Of My Blogging Journey

I’ve just begun my blogging journey. Over the last few months I have begun to write more and more. I have found that this blog that I have put off for years through. After University is actually a great way to organize (in a very unorganized fashion). My thoughts and stresses, my everyday life and the things that I journal. Over the last few months I have posted once a week and have watched as my followers grew. Slowly, but surely, there are others out there who have come in and been sharing my struggles. I can’t thank those of you who read and comment on my posts on a regular basis. You give me hope!

I know I’m not alone

In a lot of things that I am going through. In the many things I enjoy. I’ve decided to try my hand at two posts a week, to keep the content coming. And fingers crossed grow a family of followers to read, laugh, cringe and bicker about the everyday here at DifferentBeings. So stick with me as I figure out these settings. As the my blog changes and grows and I learn from this crazy experience. As I go through this blogging journey.

If you have it in your hearts and finger tips and what you read isn’t completely boring, hit the like button, click that follow button and even maybe, just maybe, share it with someone who needs to read something from someone who understands, or needs a laugh or for the sake of connecting with others.

Stick around for good food, great friends, self care ventures and self expression, for learning all about ourselves! Wish me luck and if you’ve made it this far, thank you.

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