Personal Stress Busters

Today I thought I’d share what my personal stress busters are. Sometimes these things can count as self care, but my main self care routine is for another post. For today it is personal stress busters, the things I subconsciously turn to when I am stressed.

Stress Busters


Not sure why. Copying down lists, ideas, to do lists. Copying out documents or random information has always been a way to relieve stress. I find without even thinking about it, if the day becomes too hectic or I can’t get something off my mind I start copying out information. To Google I go! I look up stuff to do with my health, with things going on in life. I copy down that information into word documents, into Evernote. Onto sticky notes on the back of my phone or into notebooks. Some stuff I go back to later, sometimes I never look at it again. I find the act of copying relaxing, of having what is needed to be written in front of you.

Hoarding Food

I’m not completely sure why I do this. I know it is not the healthiest coping mechanism when I am stressed but for some reason it helps. I am assuming it has to do with my *slight* addiction to food. However when I find myself overly stressed you can guarantee you’ll find me at the store buying some of my favourite foods. Healthy and junky, but not for eating, just to have in the house. I then go home and stash them everywhere. In the kitchen cupboards and fridge, in the “snack drawer” in the bedroom, in the pantry and in our snack box in the living room. Most of the time I don’t even eat them. I leave them until A or K eat them. Only breaking into the food when I pass the normal levels of stressed.


My biggest stress busters, similar to this list. When I am stress I love to list things, most likely it is a to do list. I write out what I have to do that day, then for the rest of the week. Even a list of things I would like to get done that month. These lists change daily, and I usually find myself making these lists everyday during some episode of stress. Other lists include car parts I need to fix my cars, lists of movies to watch, grocery lists, music to download, the list could go on (hehe).

Falling into the pit of Google

I do this all the time, and I do my best to avoid social media! I not only believe all the articles that social media causes us more stress and sadness but have watched it happen to myself several times. Instead I stick to Google I look up random google searches throughout the day of random things I want to know, I house browse on, Pinterest I don’t consider to be social media only because it is so much about ideas and to do’s, no comments or look what I haves, its things tons of us want, want to do etc, and blogging, if I have the time and I find myself stressed I’ll add to my draft posts, add to my collection of photos to use or just click through stats and make a plan for future posting.

Last but not least

The usual, I sit with a cup of tea and try and breathe. I’d love to say I read a book, but in reality as much as I love to read I find it nearly impossible when I am stressed. Tea, Matcha, warm milk with cinnamon and honey, anything calming I’ll sit and sip and just ignore my thoughts for a time. Sometimes just sitting is the best way to relieve stress in a world that never stops to smell the flowers.

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This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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