My Plastic Free Journey: Waste and The Holidays

Recently I have started my plastic free journey and am still learning and getting better. The one way I want to improve going as close to plastic free as I can is cutting down on packaging and plastic for the holidays! As someone who celebrates Yule and sees winter as a time to start fresh. I want to start this next year off right, on the path I have been working on this past year. This is how:

Shopping Local

This year I want to focus on shopping local, buying from local farmers markets and farms for the food I plan to make this season. Buying from friends and family, from the little home owned shop down the street for gifts. Buying this way cuts down on all the pre packaged safety tied items I would normally be buying and puts more money into our economy, into the “little guy” who is trying to do more.

I can’t recommend enough a young up and coming clothing designer VintageACT! (<<–Check out the link! no money comes my way, this is just for the love of the shop <3) or any local in town or online store! I find everything is made with the best quality and care, and worth the money you’re putting into it, showing whoever you’re buying it for (even for yourself) how much you care and want the best for them!

DIY / Make it myself

Anything I don’t have to buy, I plan to make myself. K and I have decided to make gifts for each other this year. So that we can focus more on others this season. And so that we can show the effort we have put into each other instead of the money. Doing this means less product we’ll never use, it means usually something edible. Or useful or made of natural materials, further cutting out the plastics! I hope to make some things for friends and family this year aside from just K and I. Because I want this Christmas season to feel more about helping others feel better rather then spending as much as we can on each other.

Wrap it differently!

This Christmas I will be wrapping everything in old newspapers. In reusable jars and containers, in cloth wrapping (which I learned and loved from a wonderful step sister). In anything that avoids plastics, and one time use wrapping paper. I want to try to make not just the gift, but everything it comes in usable!


This year I won’t feel bad about the gifts I’ll never use or something that doesn’t suit my interests. If I get or give anything that can be donated or given to someone else I want to see that happen. I want to be able to give back without feeling bad about it this Christmas. Because just because I won’t use it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t.

When it comes to donating a new gift don’t feel like you’re not appreciating what someone gave you, you are giving back to the community and making sure it doesn’t end up in a pile of stuff you throw out next year. Remember to donate not just to second hand stores but what I am talking about is donating to animal shelters (blankets, pet stuff yours wont use, cleaners and hand sanitizer etc) to womens / childrens and mens shelters (anything and everything you won’t use or don’t want, they would love to use!).

There is no need to feel guilty giving to others the excess that we have, if we’re not going to use it anyways, no family member or friend is going to be insulted that we decided to do good with what we have been given!

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