Kitchen Witch: Yule Herbs

Yule is a time to give up the past, protect our loved ones through the longest night of the year. To celebrate the lengthening of days and fresh starts. A large part of Yule is the herbs and evergreens used to celebrate. From burning a yule log to light your way through the darkest night. To celebrating the past harvest and giving gifts for a better harvest next year.

Edible herbs to use this Yule:

You can add this to your hot chocolate, apple cider, mulled wine. To your coffee (with a little early morning affirmation spell). To any desert for a little extra spice. Cinnamon is used in spell work in the old days (and now) to speed up any action you wish to take. To draw in love, comfort and healing. You can use it as incense, in food or even to decorate and burn with your Yule log!


Nutmeg can be used similar to cinnamon in drinks and deserts when ground, but can also be used whole! Carrying a whole nutmeg seed around with you can bring luck in games of chance. With the power being enhanced by wearing it as an amulet. You can also grind and boil nutmeg to make a nutmeg butter. You can use any way that you would normally use coconut oil. Just be sure to test your sensitivity to it first!


Mainly used to mull wine and cider, soak whole in milk. Or in wine or drink of choice for a nice holiday spice. This herb is used in magic to attract good luck and prosperity. To keep good friends close, and to help stop malicious gossip. You can also add cloves whole to any food, cooking together for a hearty smell and taste. But remember to remove it before serving or eating!

Non Edible:

Bayberry is a herb that you can use to replace beeswax in candles. It is harder and burns with less smoke but with a pleasant holiday smell! Burning candles made of bayberry can bring luck and fortune (if you believe in it, and yourself).


A common Christmas decoration, Holly comes from the evergreen Holly tree and is a symbol of strength. While everything else is dying and preparing to regrow. While everything is white and silent, the Holly tree grows bright and full and strong. We bring this into our houses to celebrate life and love, to remember that there are better days ahead. Holly can be used to decorate plates, your home or your Yule log!


Another common Christmas decoration, mistletoe gets its origins from Norse mythology. “According to happier versions of the legend. Baldur (sometimes spelled Baldr or Balder) was killed by an enemy’s arrow made of mistletoe. His mother, the goddess Frigg, wept tears onto the arrow. Her tears turned into white berries that she placed onto Baldur’s wound, bringing him back to life. Overjoyed, Frigg blessed the mistletoe plant and promised a kiss to all who passed beneath it”. Hang this up in your home for some merry (and consensual) fun. Kiss your loved ones on the hand, the cheek or the lips. Celebrate the season and being together alive and well.

These only scratch the surface of herbs you can use this holiday season to spice up the month and celebrations. From Yule/Holiday foods like mulled wines and ciders. To roast meats and veggies, fruit cakes and yule logs both edible and not! To decorations, traditions and celebrations. Bring this healthy part of nature into your home. Celebrate with us witches the season of Yule and new beginnings!

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