Self Care Over The Holidays

The holidays can be a stressful and hectic time, no matter what you celebrate. This is one of the most important times of the year to take the time to slow down. Reflect and remember to take care of ourselves through it all. I have written down a few of the things I love to do during the holidays. To help get into the spirit and have that holiday spirit help. To lift mine away from the sad mental health problems and everyday stress that the holidays can bring.

For when you don’t have the energy to go out.

Bake: Doesn’t have to be fancy – can be the couple dollar Pillsbury easy make cookies for Holidays. Can be from scratch, can be a family recipe or something you found on Pinterest.

Decorate: It can be all out big and expensive; with the tree and all the decorations and lights. Or it can be peaceful and personal, something small, just a table or table sized tree. Maybe just string lights along a window or some holiday kitchenware.

Play that music: Youtube, google, ask your friends and family for the tunes that don’t make your ears bleed. For the less heard, uncommon holiday music you can find in the discount section. Or deep down the rabbit hole of Youtube. Search your favourite artists, I bet they’ve got songs! Play that music and even if only for an hour, feel the holiday spirit to lift yours.

Take a festive bath: Check out my post about Yule Herbs to throw in your bath with Epsom salts. Go to your local store and pick up some holiday bath bombs or scent of bubble bath that feels like the holidays to you. Take some time to relax before the storm!

Try some festive tea/coffee/hot drink for some down time: whether its for a few minutes during your commute to work, quiet time when you get home. While you’re reading, taking a holiday inspired bath, take time to make. Or pick up a favourite holiday drink, whether it is a spiced tea. Some candy cane hot chocolate or a festive latte or just adding some nutmeg to your coffee. Remember to stir clockwise while thinking about all the good things to come this holiday season and enjoy!

For when you have the energy to do something more.

Santa Claus Parades: Hit up any large (and a lot of small) towns and cities and you’ll find a Santa Claus parade. Go with your kids, with your friends, or by yourself, parades can be for adults too! Check out the schedules, they all try for different days and times, so there is bound to be one that fits your schedule. For a little added festive feel wear a holiday hat, something warm and grab something hot and festive along the way!

Volunteer/Donate: Give your time or clear out space for all your holiday goodies, or just for some fresh feelings before the new year! Volunteer and watch how giving your time to others can make you feel so much better before the holidays and

Visit Family and Friends/ Ask for help: The holiday season is a big time for feeling sad, overwhelmed and lonely, reach out to friends and family, let them know how you’re feeling or reach out and ask how others are doing if you are doing well. If you don’t have anyone this season, it is the best time to meet new people, head out to a coffee shop, a bookstore, anywhere you feel comfortable, especially with these new game cafes like Brew Wizards and Critical Hit, you can meet new friends and family to make the new year that much better. If nothing else reach out to your local help line, shelter or community support group, self care is making sure you find the help you need!

Take care of yourselves this holiday season and feel welcome to drop a happy (what you celebrate) in the comments! Happy Yule Everyone!


This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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