After Holiday Self Care Stock Up!

If our Christmas Eve post was as big a bummer to you as it was for us, and even if it wasn’t (or you haven’t read it). Or are just looking to extend the festivities, here are some things to get you out of that funk of Christmas. To prepare for the year ahead and all the days of taking care of yourself, for the better! Here’s to a holiday self care stock up!

If you are well along your self care journey or just starting out. The holidays (any holiday) make a great time for stocking up on the essentials. From candles and essential oils to bath salts, warm socks, reading material, anything really! So many places have sales before and after the holidays. We are so focused on finding the right presents for others. And all our gift shopping before the holidays to remember ourselves. However, after the holidays is the perfect time to use those extra sales to our advantage. To remember to gift ourselves what we need to take care of ourselves.

I know self care isn’t always the fun pampering the internet can sometimes make it seem. But this form of self care is just as important as eating healthy, exercising. Spending time with family and friends and working hard. This pampering self care gives us the energy to be able to follow through with the harder, less exciting forms of self care in our lives. It also helps to combat stress, anxiety, depression, seasonal SAD, etc. It’s not a cure, but it can lighten the blow.

So this boxing day, through the week of after Christmas sales. I will be looking to stock up on the more expensive, pampering side of self care. I’ll be looking for candles for candle meditations (my preferred style of meditation for beginners). I will be buying the more expensive fancy bath bombs and salts. For Christmas scented everything to keep that feeling for the year, during baths and meditations, while cooking and exercising. I’ll look for journals and books, warm socks for reading and sitting around the house. For comfy clothes for the bad days when your bed seems like the best place to be.

This doesn’t just have to be for you. If the thought of buying yourself a bunch of stuff or self care in general makes you feel guilty (I feel it too!). You can use this time to shop sales for birthday presents you know are coming up. You can plan self care days for a friend or family member and yourself. It’s not selfish if you’re doing it with someone else!

Shop online, in store, look local (they have sales too!). Go to your favourite places and stores you’ve never been to. Buy things from face masks and bath bombs, fancy coffee, tea and hot chocolate, comfy socks. Even finally get those leg weights, that new skipping rope, a yoga mat or a self help meditation for starters book. The new year is coming and now is the best time to buy what you need for the next years self care, exercise is self care too! (and we all know we’ll be making that better healthier you promise come the new year)


This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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