A New Year And A Less Stressed Me

It’s almost a new year, and I am right there with the rest with hoping for a new me! “New year, new me” right? Right… and wrong.

It will be a new year, and it will be a new me. But over the last year and for the next year there will be very many new me’s. We are in a constant state of change and growth. Always learning new things, striving for more, struggling and succeeding, meeting new people, and so on. So much can happen in a year. That New Years to me, is no longer the only time that I think “new year, new me!”

This next year will continue to give me opportunities to learn about myself, to grow as a person and to strive for my goals and dreams! Last year was a lot of recovery and learning how to say no, and the hardest, learning to cut people out of my life who were no longer good for me, or limit contact with anyone who caused me unnecessary stress.

I learned new ways to enjoy life and to do the things I love and used to love, things like renewing my green thumb through learning more about being a kitchen witch and growing my own herbs, to going plastic free for a more stress and guilt free way of life.

I learned to slow down and take time to enjoy the little things (though I am still learning and struggling to), learning to try new things and what the best ways of handling chronic stress are. I’m learning so much about self-care!

This new year will be about learning to meditate, trying new and different forms of yoga, finding the best self care routine for my life and managing my chronic stress. I plan for a year of working towards my goals of living in a better neighbourhood, aiming for a job I enjoy. Being able to see family and friends more. I hope for more days out with K and new learning experiences with A and his small home living journey!

I plan to get a year planner, and start out the year with a list of the things that I want to improve, to learn and to do. Every month I want to put in what I can work on towards that goal and at the end of the year I hope to be able to see the progress I have made, after all the progress I have made this year!

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Happy New Year you Different Beings! Here is to a new you and me!

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