36 [Unorthodox] Ways To Meditate

The Following are just a quick look at many (but not all) different kinds of meditation available.

Sit or Lay down, make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally while you focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

Sitting comfortably have a candle with a scent that is relaxing to you burning, focus on the flame, know that your eyes may water or blur initially or your mind may wander, breathe while focusing on the candle to bring peace and concentration.

Bath Meditation
Two ways: The first is while filling the bath, while adding bath salts, bubble bath etc, while sitting comfortably near the bath run your hand through the bath to mix the water in a clockwise rotation while focusing on your breathing and thinking about the positive things you are looking for, whether it is health, peace, understanding and so on. The other is while in the bath, imagine yourself somewhere else, close your eyes, feel the water wash away everything from your body and imagine  yourself somewhere peaceful.

Draw/doodle meditation
You can draw or doodle free hand or use something like a Spirograph so long as it is something that takes little energy and gives your brain room to wander. Take your time, draw your lines with purpose while thinking of positive things, or letting your mind wander somewhere pleasant. Use the act of drawing or doodling to draw your mind back when it starts to go somewhere negative.

Whether it is looking up an anti anxiety song on Youtube or listening to your favourite band, meditation is the act of mindful thinking. Pick something that you find relaxing, and that brings to mind peace or positive memories, take the time to sit and listen to the song or the beat while staying in a positive head space, focusing on your breathing.

This form of meditation uses frequencies (that you can look up on Youtube). frequencies like 528Hz for nature, 432Hz for the “heartbeat of the planet” or the different chakra frequencies; Root Chakra 396 Hz, Sacral Chakra 417 Hz, Solar Plexus Chakra 528 Hz, Heart Chakra 639 Hz, Throat Chakra 741 Hz, Third Eye Chakra 852 Hz, Crown Chakra 963 Hz.

Uses other people who have successfully used meditation to walk you through in person, through video or audio how to focus, feel the vibrations, to stay positive and what to do.

Mala Bead
“Malas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or the name or names of a deity. This sādhanā (practice) is known in Sanskrit as japa. Malas are typically made with 18, 27, 54 or 108 beads. In Tibetan Buddhism, malas of 108 beads are used.” I love my 108 bead Mala for meditation and for every day wear to remind myself to take a breath when I need it. This one is similar to mine which has since sold out 🙁

In Bed
Before or in bed is my ideal place for meditation because of how relaxing it can be, and to use meditation to clear the mind to fight insomnia, anxiety and over thinking. While laying back, ready for bed, clear your mind of anything negative, focus on a happy memory, your breathing, something you hope to accomplish.

Progressive relaxation/body scan
This one can be done as a bedtime meditation or separately. Sit or lay down, start at your toes or the top of your head (toes if it is for bedtime) and picture/feel them relaxing, work your way up through your body parts slowly, thinking relaxing thoughts, feeling your muscles relax.

Insight/self inquiry
Similar to regular meditation but with a more clear focus, sit or lay down focusing on your breathing before thinking about what it is you are looking for insight into. Whether it is feeling your body for health concerns or why you may be feeling (mentally or physically) a certain way.

1-5 Minute
An easier form of meditation, and my personal favourite for stressful situations. Take a moment during your day, whether it is before or after a stressful moment, pulled over on the side of the road, in the bathroom. Stand, sit, or lay down, take a few deep breaths while feeling the negative leave your body through those breaths, and begin to think positively, use reassurance or just breath to calm your heart rate. Can be done in a quick minute whenever needed.

Similar to drawing/doodling, keep a positive thoughts journal, throughout your day as something good happens, or you think of something positive, write it down, when something stressful or bad happens, pull out the journal and reflect back on the positive while focusing on relaxing breathing.

Tea/Coffee/drink based
With your favourite choice of drink, start with anything you add (milk/sugar) stir clockwise while thinking positive thoughts or what you hope to gain; health, prosperity, wealth etc, or stir counter-clockwise while thinking about what you want to remove; negative energy, bad health, unhappy thoughts etc.

Crystal Meditation
While laying down you can lay stones specific to the chakras along your body, or sit while holding a stone that resonates with you or a palm crystal, think of your intent; healing, positive thoughts, focus on your breathing and center yourself around the crystal or feel the chakra crystals as you focus on healing each area.

Similar to crystal meditation, but with a pendulum you hold in your hand completely and focus on your intent, or like candle meditation, you can let the pendulum swing slowly as you focus on the motion and your breathing, thinking about a question you are looking for an answer to or just relaxing thoughts.

Incense/scent meditation
Using Candles, incense, oils, or anything with a scent that you find relaxing, calming, peaceful or positive. Sit or lay down, close your eyes and focus on the smell while picturing yourself somewhere peaceful, focus on your breathing and breath in the positive and out the negative, associating that smell with positive things.

Laughter meditation
While sitting, close your eyes and focus on breathing, when you feel relaxed, feel laughter inside your chest, think of something funny, bring yourself to laugh just a little at first, and when you are comfortable get louder, enjoy the laughter as a form of mindfulness and healing through laughter.

Dance Meditation
Whether it is a rehearsed dance or freestyle, set your tunes and break free, dance to something up beat that makes you smile, stand and sway to something peaceful, get your body moving and your mind thinking positive. Breath in the good and out the bad, enjoy every moment of it.

Yoga meditation
Similar to dance meditation this is a movement meditation, while practicing any form of yoga, breath out the negative and in the positive. Spend you exercise focusing on the positives of your body and mind physically and mentally, focus on the positive of your actions.  See Kundalini yoga

Everyday life meditation
The act of slowing down each activity throughout the day and dwelling on the good of it, the why and what of it, enjoying it and taking your time to do it. Whether it’s the chores you don’t like and reminding yourself they’re not that bad or how nice it’ll be when they’re done, to taking an extra five minutes to drink your coffee, breathing in the aroma and enjoying the moment, no rushing.

Journey Meditation
Done as a group offered by a company online, taking a meditation journey together. Also using meditation to take a journey, using your mind, and the things around you. Using sound and scents to transport you somewhere warm and peaceful like a beach, or a mountain side. Taking a spiritual journey to learn more about yourself through meditation.

Spiritual Meditation
Not limited to any faith spiritual meditation is used to learn something about yourself. Whether it is to find your spirit animal, to learn more about your faith, yourself or what you believe. It is meditation to look inward towards yourself and what you believe.

Focused meditation
Similar to regular meditation this is meditation that uses external or internal forces or things to ground yourself and find focus. Beads, candles, your breath, counting fingers, tapping toes, braiding hair etc.

Movement meditation
Dance, yoga, or any form of movement during meditation, it can be swaying while sitting, or rocking in a hammock, any movement that can help you focus and feel comfortable.

Mantra meditation
When you find a positive saying, phrase, thought or quote and chant it in your mind, out loud or listen to it. The mantra is a tool for focus and to transform consciousness.

Transcendental meditation
About 20 minutes, with a mantra, grounding yourself in a chair and letting your mind relax, only using the mantra when you notice your thoughts wandering or getting negative, back to a clear mind.

Mindfulness meditation
Focusing on the positive of the day, not just positive thinking or a positive mantra but taking the negative, stressful aspects of the day and remembering the good in or around them.

Breath awareness
Focusing on your breathing, beings aware of how it flows, whats most comfortable, and changing it up depending on what it is you are looking to accomplish. Different beats or methods of breathing to bring about different results.

Zen meditation
Teaching your mind not to race, usually sitting in a lotus position and focusing inwards, away from the hectic world.

Lying Down
Most forms of meditation can be done laying down (see above meditations), meditation does not have to be done sitting in an uncomfortable way, or if you are unable to sit for long periods of time, had bad muscles or arthritis or conditions that keep you immobile.

Taking a 30 minute walk is good for your health, using meditation during your walk is even better. Focus on your breathing while you walk, picture and focus on the peaceful, beautiful, things surrounding you, think of the benefits to your health.

Meditating within nature, or bringing some indoors (like potted plants or nature found on the ground/ without disturbing anything) can be beneficial, sit and talk to a plant or focus on your mantra as you water a garden, take your time to breath and enjoy the time it takes to tend to a small garden or meditate in a park somewhere.

Learning to work with the noise around you during meditation, focusing on a particualr noise to meditate to or using the strength of your mind or mantra to tune out any unwanted noise.

Anything can become a form of meditation if it benefits your mental health,  it just takes time to find the right way for you. It’s not a cure all, or even something that will help everyone, but it never hurts to try.

Follow along as I add links and post about trying each and every one of these meditations to find the right ones for me, and hopefully someone else out there too!
If I’ve missed any, or there is anything you want to add or want me to try as a meditation leave it in the comments! I’m always happy to try new things!


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