When There Is No Time For Exercise

I just can’t find the time!

Too often lately I have found myself feeling like there is just not enough time in a day for exercise. I’ve made every excuse in the book and then some. I know exercise is something I need, something I should be doing on the regular. That when I was exercising on a regular basis, I felt better. So why do I no longer have time? Sometimes it is because I am genuinely busy, other days, it’s just an excuse.

When there is “no time for exercise” either because of a busy schedule, family and friends, work, or other chores, it feels like something needs to be removed. Sometimes it does. Write out your ideal day (with time for exercise) and see where your schedule can be changed. Maybe it is time for self care and saying no to so many obligations.

Maybe it is time to face the music and know that there is time for exercise, and what is keeping us “too busy” is fear.

Fear of losing time to something less enjoyable,

taking time away from things you like,

spending even more time doing something uncomfortable or stressful when your life is already full of stress and uncomfortable situations.

Why we are avoiding exercise

I could spend less time in bed, but I already don’t get eight hours of sleep every night, and can’t risk losing any more sleep.

Exercise could be scheduled in after work, but when that time comes around you’re exhausted, you’re grumpy and exercising is the last thing you want to do.

We could fit it in when we normally watch t.v (and scroll through your phone) but then when do you get time to relax?

You could go with friends, but they are all just as busy.

Avoiding exercise can be because of anxiety, procrastination and avoidance making exercise feel like something to be avoided.

Focus on self care, not just for exercise, but focus on getting better sleep, and doing things you enjoy so that exercise doesn’t feel like just another obligation, learn to enjoy exercise.

[Ways To Get Moving]:

Try using television/movie exercise prompts to get yourself moving while still beings able to enjoy your favourite shows.

Grab your unused treadmill or elliptical and replace your chair/couch with it. When it’s the only place to sit in front of your TV instead of being out of sight out of mind somewhere else, you can still enjoy binge watching Netflix while no longer feeling guilty about missing out on exercise. You no longer have to feel guilty for not using the machine you spent all that money on.

Make girls/guys night something physically active. Try out the new trampoline place, or hit up DDR at the arcade for a blast to the past. Plan a weekly exercise class (something fun like dance, burlesque etc) in place of your usual dinners. Try rock wall climbing, take a look around your community! You’d be surprised what activities you might enjoy!

(This one may make you feel silly, but its worth it when you don’t have time!) My favourite is fitting exercise in somewhere where I am already doing something I don’t want to, but have to; work, certain chores etc. Try lunging your way to the bathroom when no one is looking, take regular strolls around the office when you have down time, and take a walking break or lunch. Maybe fit in a few jumping jacks (try for 10) whenever you’re in the bathroom. Dance while you cook, try squats, lunges or donkey kicks while doing the dishes, get creative, you don’t always have to mark out big chunks of time for exercise when you’re busy.

There is always the tried and true (I find annoying, but they work!) tips like parking farther away at work, while shopping etc, take the stairs instead, walk anywhere close by, fifteen minutes isn’t too far!

If you’re struggling with getting started, or feel like you are just not strong enough or where others are, check out what I did to get past that. By starting as a beginner, and not feeling bad about where I am, but rather focusing on my progress.

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