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Stress for the Working Class, Stress Relief for the Wealthy.

I recently, and for the 100th time was doing research on better, newer, unlikely never before tried stress relief techniques, because the ones I have been doing up till now are nothing more than a band-aid. A quote caught my attention and hit very close to home.

“‘I’m not Cognitive Behavioral Therapy wealthy, I am crying in the closet wealthy though.”

A lot of the stress relief that we need to fight Chronic Stress costs a lot of money or takes time away from the jobs we need to survive. Something most of us just can’t afford.

I recently bought a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy For Dummies work book from Value Village, because who can afford it new? I won’t lie, it sat collecting dust for a while, but when I finally got to it, I realized it really does help. To be honest, it does only help a little. I wish I could afford the therapy, I wish I could afford any form of therapy at all for stress and anxiety.

Table of Contents of helpful pages in CBT workbook for stress relief.
Table of Contents showing everything this workbook can help with, each page contains DIY fill in sections.

The Reality of it all

When it comes down to it, everything that can really help with stress relief, costs money or takes time away from making the money we need to survive. With one of the major reasons for stress being financial struggles. So who has the time, or the money to really focus on getting better? Who can focus on fighting stress? The wealthy.

We can follow all the rules, meditation, yoga, healthy eating, exercise. We can go to bed early and get enough sun. All of this, with all of the stress we face each day, isn’t enough.

Just to learn a lot of these things costs money, even if it is a dollar store learning disc. Learning Yoga or meditation to a state that will actually help mentally and physically (at least for me) means taking classes. Classes cost money, finding the time away from work and overtime money, costs money.

What We Really Need For Stress Relief

I will always continue gardening, focusing on self care, and eating healthy. That doesn’t mean it’s enough when there is more than just stress.

What I need, and someday hope to get is help, is therapy, is time away from the stress. Long enough to recover, not just be able to face it again. More than a vacation or long weekend.

We watch musicians perform on stage, and actors do amazing stunts and long days. What we don’t see is how much they have to take care of themselves afterwards. We don’t take care of ourselves like that.

When they find themselves in stressful productions, they get massages, they go to the gym, they eat healthy. They take the time off between to recover, they make enough to. Sometimes it takes more than just escaping a bad job, a bad neighbourhood, relationship or situation.

It takes:
Therapy $50-$300 a session
Classes $50-$150 a class
Discs $5-$50+
Gym Membership or equipment $15-$350+
Nutrition/Eating Healthy $100+
Massages $50+ an hour
Hydra Beds/Tanks $65+ an hour
Time off from work -$100’s

There is so much more that goes into taking care of ourselves. Not all of these things are necessary, its true. However when stress becomes a regular part of your life, it can take all of this and more to get out of it.

The Band-Aid

Not everyone has access to healthy food (its expensive!), or to exercise equipment or even the space to exercise without equipment.

Chew Gum
Write it down
Healthy Eating
Time with friends and family
Laugh it out
Reduce Caffeine and Sugar
Think Positive
Accept that you can’t control everything.

These can work, if the stress is minor and temporary, but if you’re facing stress everyday, on top of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, anything else. These are nothing but band-aids to the real problems.

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