10 Ways Your Cat Can Help With Stress

Featuring Koro (Korosenai) my best feline companion!

Feline companion blocking doorway
They never want you to have to go to work when you don’t want to. They can always convince you to stay home!
Feline Companion with giant googly eyes on
They always know how to make you laugh. Sometimes at their expense. Everyone knows laughter is the best medicine!
A hunting (but frightened looking) feline companion
Whether frightened or hunting you’ll never know. But you’ll know you’re always safe.
Napping feline companion
Free cuddles! (whenever they want)
Feline companion in travel bag
You’ll always have someone to spend your time with. To keep you company, whether at home or convincing you to take them with you on your trip. You’ll always have someone to talk to.
Mooching feline companion
They’re always ready to share snacks and comfort food!
Decorated for the holidays
And no holiday will ever be lonely or boring again! Horizontal Christmas trees anyone?
Laying on a laptop
Whether taking your work home or studying for a tough exam, they’ll always have your back.. or your lap. Cheering you on and letting you know you can do it! To not give up.
Video games with a Kitten
Finally you’ll always have someone to share your time and hobbies with!

Cats have a special way of being calming and comforting. Their purrs are healing not only to them, but to use as well. They know when we need them sleeping beside us, and tolerate our persistent need to pick them up and cuddle.
I don’t know what I’d do without Koro, or cats I’ve loved in the past. Their fluffy butts always bring a smile to my face when I need it most! Thank your feline companion today, big or small!


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