Black Cats on Friday the Thirteenth

In honour of Friday the 13th and black cats everywhere. Here is a “black cat” crossing your path.

A little background.

Black cats get a bad reputation, especially here in the “West.” In Western culture black cats are considered bad luck. They are considered bad omens and can cause bad things to happen if they cross your path. This superstition comes up even more around Friday the thirteenth.

The superstition of a black cat crossing your path
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In Germany it has been thought that a black cat crossing your path from right to left is a bad omen. However crossing from left to right is thought to bring positive change.

In the west, black cats are considered bad omens no matter which way they are crossing. Commonly thought of as witches familiars or even shape shifting witches themselves.

Comforting black cat
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Nevertheless, in other parts of the world black cats are considered good omens!

In the UK it is considered good luck for a black cat to cross your path.
Pirates have used black cats on board ships as good luck or good omens.

Sailors and sailors/fishermans wives have done the same. Whether on the boat or in the home for a sailor at sea, to bring them back home safe.

Black cats side perspective
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However it is believed that if a black cat walks onto a ship and off again, it is an omen that the boat will sink. If a black cat won’t risk the ship, can you?!

Same deal if they walk away from you in certain areas of the world. *Which as an owner of a black cat, I can vouch it is so much better to have them walk into your life than out!

Halloween Kitten
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Black cats have often been used as symbols of voodoo, black magic, and anarchy. Not only thought of as a witches familiar but one that possesses it’s own black magic, used in black magic. Black cats are often thought of as satanic.

Because of this, many shelters have had to limit the adoption of black cats around Hallowe’en. As many were being abused or used for “sacrifice.”

However October 27th is national “black cat day” to raise awareness for our colour challenged feline friends.

Black cats in trees
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Other than around Hallowe’en black cats are the least likely to be adopted. This is due to the unfortunate misunderstanding regarding their colouring and nature.

But there are so many reasons to adopt a black cat!

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They cuddle, purr and play like any other cat. Sometimes with more zest and class!

Black cats are black because of an “X” chromosome that can often skip generations and is more rare than other colours. It can also be caused by extra melanin in the body, causing the black colour. Your cat can be exotic and special!

Photogenic Black Cats
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Along with the X chromosome and melanin comes a better immune system. So your little furry friend will be less likely to have diseases or get sick in the future. Can we say cheaper vet bills and more time to love our pets?!

Window Views
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Not only are they more rare, special and healthier animals.

They are sleek, stylish, and classy. Professional? Black is always more slimming and stylish!

No time for business while looking for love? In Japan – it is thought to bring in luck and suitors to women who own black cats. A feline friend for life and love anyone?

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Who doesn’t want a small house panther to look over and protect you, your other pets and your house?

These feisty felines are adaptable and sweet. They are special, like us! And they want nothing more than to be loved like any other cat.

Give these gorgeous guys a chance the next time you see one in a shelter, on the street, or in someones home.

Protective Black Cats
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Long story short. Don’t sweat the little things. If the superstitions around black cats has shown us anything. It’s that we should try not to over think things and to believe what we want!

Whether you believe them good or bad luck this Friday the 13th, it never hurts to give them some pets to appease them and bring good fortune!


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