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Being Productive With Nothing but Pasta

To be honest, I am not one of the few stuck completely at home. I do hold an “essential” job and therefore have been busier than ever. However, that doesn’t change the fact that other than work, I go nowhere but home. Time to be productive!

Spending every day after work at home sounds like the dream. Until you realize all the stores are out of the groceries you need and your activity levels are way down.

I thought I’d be productive

I honest to goodness thought I would be more productive. Forced to stay home or at work. More time on my hands with less distractions. Things would get done!

Who was I kidding?

I work. Once I get home I am pooped, to say the least. I have no energy to do anything productive. I shuffle around the kitchen looking for anything that isn’t carb based or actually has a this year expiration date.

We didn’t stock up when this all went down. We weren’t ready, we couldn’t be, we live basically pay check to pay check. Groceries get bought on a weekly basis, only what we need for the week, plus maybe a few cans of something for when we’re lazy. At this point, we’ve got those cans and a few select veggies.

This means I can’t eat as healthy as I used to. With an underlying health condition that requires me to eat healthy if I want to stay functional. This means feeling sluggish, feeling more pain than normal. It means instead of productivity there is nothing but brain fog!

I made a plan and everything!

I’d planned for extra time off. I’ve made drafts and notes, I prepared ideas. I made lists of what needed done and what days would be best to do them. I have drafts and drafts for days. I’ve pulled my sowing kit out and restocked my cleaning supplies, I even found the vacuum in the closet!

Think I’ve done anything I’d planned? think again.

And this is okay!

For now, this is okay. There is no need to be more productive than normal. It’s okay to know that you’re doing your best. There is no need to feel guilty or to push yourself to do anything you’re not ready for. for now, just living is enough.

This post wasn’t planned. It wasn’t one of the drafts of clever posts I’d had planned.

This post is to help myself get through not feeling well. To remember that it is okay to something not planned, or to not plan anything at all.

This is a time for self care. A time to focus on ourselves, breathe, relax, take care of ourselves. Time to sleep in, to eat as healthy as we can, to learn new hobbies or to just sit in front of our favourite show and forget about the world for a bit.

Enjoy your tea or coffee a little longer. Take the time to journal like you’ve always wanted, but never had the time. Sit, breathe and learn how to meditate without even trying. Just by taking the time.

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