Dollar Tea Club: A Review

Not so recently I joined a monthly subscription. 1) because I love monthly mail (that’s not bills) as much as everyone else. 2) because I was looking for a healthy subscription to help motivate myself for healthy self care as well as something that won’t break the bank! The subscription I chose? Dollar Tea Club!

The Positives

  • Affordable – It’s called the dollar tea club for a reason! $1 tea!
  • Affordable shipping – the tea may be a dollar but there is always shipping! So over all mine (with add ons) comes to about $7 Canadian.
  • What you get – 3 tea sample bags. Each bag has 2-3 cups worth of loose leaf tea. If you want to spend a little more you can add on loose leaf tea bags, and/or honey sticks to go with your tea. Each at a reasonable price. I have a reusable tea strainer (yaay plastic free) so I skipped the bags, but opted in for the honey sticks and LOVE THEM. Easy convenient and travel-able.
  • You have the option to add more! From extra samples, honey sticks and tea bags. To full bags of the flavours you love, to socks and fun tea accessories!
  • The tea samples are amazing. I’ve loved all the flavours I’ve gotten so far, and it’s been almost a year since I signed up. Both a pro and a con are the healthiest flavours. Some are delicious, others (the healthiest) are well… healthy. And they taste it. However! They’re amazing, and although they may not taste like strawberries, they’re still good, and they’re cold busters or great for when you’re under the weather.
  • Seasonal samples! – Every holiday or seasonal change, so does the tea. From minty Christmas flavours, to spring strawberries and fall cold buster flavours. Ever tea compliments the month, the season and the holidays.
  • Eco friendly and recyclable packaging. This one is huge for me. The shipping package is a plain cardboard package. the tea samples come in nice clean eco friendly packages.
Tea club sample
The tea uses real fruits, full leaves and packs a ton of flavour!

The Negatives

  • Shipping cost – so this is both a pro (see above) and a con. a lot of times viewers see dollar tea club and are expecting nothing more than offering up a dollar. The tea is a dollar, however there is a flat shipping of about $4. Although this is not a con for the price, it is for turning people away who’re not prepared. It is still well worth the money, and still under $10!
  • The honey sticks are in plastic. now this doesn’t change anything about the honey, it’s still great! However, as someone trying to limit my plastic use, this ones a little tough. Love the honey, not a fan of the packaging.

If you want to try it!

There are way more Pros to cons for dollar tea club. It’s one of my favourites for focusing on self care. I love nothing more than curling up at the end of the day with a cup of tea and a good book or show. I highly recommend this tea subscription, and it never hurts to try just for a month!

If you’re still skeptical you can always use my code: REFRAMG5S3758 Code to save a dollar! (I might also save a dollar). Give it a try with a little discount for your first month!

Did I mention it smells amazing?!


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