Positive Thoughts for your Lunch Break

For those of us trapped in a 9-5 (or 11pm-7am in my case) here are some positive thoughts for your lunch break. From quotes and affirmations for you to focus on to get through the work day. To things to remember to make the day easier for your mind and body!

Positive Quotes

  • “Build a team [or connections] so strong you don’t know who the boss is.” – Unknown
  • “Be the person you’d want to work with.” – Unknown
  • “[you] have not failed, [you’ve] just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison (progress is everything!)
  • “You can control two things. Your work ethic and your attitude…” – Ali Krieger
  • The sun himself is weak when he first rises and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on.” – Charles Dickens
  • “Always deliver more than expected.” – Larry Page
  • “don’t let idiots ruin your day.”
  • “Don’t be busy, be productive.” – Unknown

Positive Affirmations

  • Even on my worst day, I’m still killing it!
  • I will work with enthusiasm and courage
  • It’s only a small part of my day
  • I am prepared for the opportunities I deserve
  • I am worthy of great success
  • Slay the day!
  • I’m ready to put my best foot forward
  • Today is not yesterday
  • I will do my best today
  • My coworkers are easy to work with (believe it and it can come true!)
  • I will deliver
  • I am an unstoppable do-er, task completer and go-getter
Positive lunch break

To Remember

  • Take a walk – stretch your legs
  • Sit up straight
  • relax your shoulders and lower your tongue if it’s pressed tightly against the roof of your mouth
  • Making sure you eat is important – Even if it’s not as healthy as you feel it should be
  • Take a few deep breaths, feel any stress from the work day flow out of you.
  • Bathroom breaks are important – whether to relieve yourself, or to take a moment to breathe and recenter.
  • Take your break! Working through lunch won’t always get you noticed or help your work load. Taking a break to clear your head and find fuel for your body will make you more productive.
  • If there is time for fresh air or a quick reading break after eating – take it! Or use your fifteen. Escaping for a few minutes into nature or a good story is a good way to lower stress and clear your mind.
  • Let the stress go little bits at a time to make the day go by quicker.

Sometimes we need some positive thoughts for your lunch break, sometimes it feels like we just need to burn the place down. (Please don’t). Some days, and weeks, and some jobs are draining and stressful. Sometimes it’s just our mindset after a few bad days or reviews.

Don’t take a bad review or persons opinion to heart.

Focus on yourself, on your work and what you want to accomplish. Work hard, play harder, and do your best to maintain a work life balance. Whether that’s taking up a healthy hobby or binge watching your favourite show after work everyday.

Not all of our jobs define us. Sometimes they are just an ends to a means. Make sure the means is worth it in the end. Realign your passions, your goals and your plans. Do what is in your best interest at the end of the day.

Stay positive till then!

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This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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