10 Ways Your Rabbit Can Help With Stress

Being a rabbit owner is more than it seems. More than small cages and easy hand held pets. Rabbits need to run, to play, they need toys and fresh veggies. If we offer this and more to our rabbit companions, your rabbit can help you with stress. Featuring the bun full of attitude and sass, Hrairoo (AKA Fiver – see Watership Down) in all his stress free ways (and featuring Koro our stress relieving kitty.)

Rabbits can help with stress - relaxing
Rabbits can teach us when to be “dead to the world” and relax so deeply it’s concerning.
Bun sleeping
They can teach us when to hermit away at home. To take some time for ourselves in comfort.
Rabbits can help with stress and friends
They can teach us how to make friends. When to ask for help and when to ask others if they need help (featuring Koro).
Bun reminding you to eat your veggies
Constantly reminding us to eat our greens, and to have a well rounded diet. Fuel your body with good foods!
buns and computer cords
They know when we’ve spent enough time in front of the television. And when it is time to get up, get moving and spend time with them, (with a quick nip of a cord).
rabbits can help with stress and coming out of your shell
When it is time to come out of hiding, to face the world, even if it is slowly and with caution. Even introverts need time in nature or out in social situations.
comfort and support bun
They know that cuddling your favourite person (platonic or not) can lower stress levels and be comforting. Hugging can produce Oxytocin – the chemical in your brain to help stress and anxiety levels.
Self care rabbit
Buns know when to turn their back on the world and focus on themselves, when to focus on self care to come back stronger!
Sometimes we all feel a little trapped, or caged. Stuck in a bad situation, in a stressful situation. Sometime, we just have to look for that open door, or window. Sometimes, it’s asking for help, for someone to open the door for us, or to help guide us through it. Seek therapy, friends or family, ask for help if you can’t see a way out.
Most of all. Rabbits are the best at reminding us to eat our fruits (especially bananas!) and to always exercise! Even if it is just so that we are fast enough to get the fruit before the humans!

Rabbits can be a great source of stress relief.

Pet rabbits are so much more than Easter and cages. They are animals, with needs just like us. They need space, companionship, good healthy well rounded diets and love.

Just like us, they need understanding and can get just as stressed. When you’re feeling down, take a seat beside your bun and talk to them, they’re great listeners! Just check out those ears, they’re made for it!


This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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