15 Ways Your Dog Can Help With Stress

Pets of all shapes and sizes are a huge part of fighting stress and anxiety. From cats, rabbits and even horses! Of course the ones we all know and love are dogs! So here is 15 ways your dog can help with stress (featuring the handsome beast “K” and our beloved pupper Bear).

Everyone knows food is the most important part of the day! Your pup knows when to help prep that healthy food, and taste test everything along the way! (Who wants to lick the spoon?!)
dog can help with stress work hard play harder
Work hard, play harder! Sometimes, we play so hard we fall asleep where we land.
dog helping with stress curled up on the couch
Your pup always knows when you need to curl up on the couch and binge your favourite show. Self care right!
Best of friends
Fresh air and best friends. Reaching out to those you love, whether it’s to shoot the sh*t or get some much needed sun and exercise. Everything’s better together!
head stuck
They’re here to remind us that we all get stuck sometimes. Whether that’s writers block, in a dead end job or stuck about what to have for dinner. Sometimes we just need some perspective, and they’re happy to help!
Our pups always seem to know when we need attention the most. Like a sixth sense they’ll be there to cheer ya up and support you in every way.
Sometimes, we find what we need in the most unlikely of places. Or in the most unlikely of friends. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone, you’ll never know!
Nothing says self care like lots of sun and exercise. With your favourite people of course! If exercise seems daunting, make it enjoyable! Head to the park or chase a ball with friends.
Take your mind off things. Whether it’s meditation or a long care ride, Think things through, acknowledge your feelings then let them go. Focus on the road, on positive thoughts and keep moving forward.
Be proud of your accomplishments! Show off even the smallest of achievements, because you deserve it! Nothing like a “good dog” from those you love most.
Be prepared. Whether that’s for the weather, or for bad days. Keep your self care products close and your comfy clothes closer. Everyone looks dashing in baggy sweaters and slippers right!
Love and be proud of yourself. No one will cheer louder for you, than you. #SelfLove For Bear is showing off his namesake on his favourite sweater.
We all get a little spooked by exercise sometimes. However, every pup knows to face your fears! Sometimes the scariest things are the best for us, and worth running after!
Take a photo every chance you get. Good side or bad. Bad lighting or perfect shot. You’ll wish you had something to bring up those good memories in the darkest of times. To better remember when things were good and what makes you smile.

Stand up for others. Be kind. Be gentle. Care. What we put into this world comes back to us in so many ways. Think positive things and help those in need. You never know when it could be you.

Dogs are so much more than just pretty faces.

From Service Dogs to the family pet. For those with mental or physical disabilities to those just going through a rough patch. Dogs are always there by our side to show us how to love unconditionally. Showing us how to face our fears and that it is okay to do so with someone by your side.

“Playing with or petting an animal can increase levels of the stress reducing hormone Oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone cortisol.” It is scientifically proven that your pets can help lower stress. So here’s to cuddling in bed, on the couch and spending qualities time with our puppers! This is how our dog can help with stress.


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