10 Ways Your Horse Can Help With Stress

It’s not just our cats, rabbits and dogs who can help with stress. Some of us have all sorts of unconventional or unlikely pets and companions. So here are 10 ways your horse can help with stress and anxiety! Featuring the gorgeous Katherine <3 and her horses!

Best friends, how your horse helps with stress
We all need someone to share our healthiest hobbies with. Sometimes, that someone is the very hobby itself! Spending time with our horses/pets/animals.
Mom and baby horse helping with stress
Sometimes we need the support of our family (and especially our moms) to remember how to stand on our own two (four) feet. Moms know best!
kick back and relax
Every horse knows when it is best to kick back, put our feet up and relax!
Stress relief with friends
Dinner date anyone?! Some of the best self care is spending time with our friends. For support, to catch up and feel a connection to others. Over our favourite foods is even better!
Fights happen
We all fight. We all have bad days. Sometimes, everything irritates us. And that’s okay. We fight, but we always make up!
Celebrate the little things
Celebrate the little things! (Like new baby horses). Celebrate your favourite holiday, celebrate a Tuesday! Sometimes we just need something special, or a day to feel special.
Enjoy mother nature
Enjoy mother nature in all her states! Whether that’s dancing in the rain, taking a walk in the sun or enjoying the snow. Fresh air and sun is just what our souls need to shine!
Wardrobe malfunction
Spencer knows, never to let a wardrobe malfunction keep him down! Don’t sweat the little things, and remember we all have bad days. Sometimes you get caught outdoors in your sweatpants, and that’s okay! Comfort baby!
stress relief comes in all shapes and sizes
Our pets, self care and us as individuals come in all shapes and sizes! There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and your body or mind.
your horse can help with stress at the groomers
Finally, no one looks good when they go to the hairdressers! Our horses know that sometimes, at their expense and comfort we get a little laugh. Because laughter is the best medicine!

Animals are our best forms of self care and stress relief.

Sometimes all we need is companionship. Sometimes it’s someone, or thing, to talk to when the days been long. Maybe it’s the motivation to get moving, and to get things done.

Horses are more than just companions, or a mode of transportation and labour. They can be therapy horses, they offer their services as seeing eye ponies and for kids with autism and mental illnesses!

They know when to work hard, and when to play harder. Showing us just how easy it is to enjoy the time off after a stressful day, or how to lend an ear. Here’s to the unconventional friendships and how your horse can help with stress!


This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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