Positive Thoughts For The Highly Sensitive Person

Sometimes, as a highly sensitive person (HSP) we can feel like we’re all alone. Like we are misunderstood and weak. Or that we’re doing something wrong or haven’t figured out how to succeed or do things easier like others. This is so far from the truth. Being sensitive can be something great! If you learn your triggers, your boundaries and take care of yourself. So here are some reminders and positive thoughts for the highly sensitive person!


  • “I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship.” – Louisa May Alcott
  • “Even a moderate and familiar stimulation, like a day at work, can cause an HSP to need quiet by evening.” – Elaine Aron
  • “You cannot make everyone think and feel like you do. This is your tragedy, because you understand them, but they do not understand you.” – Daniel Saint
  • “Slowly, a gentle, quiet, personal victory of the spirit grows out of her fear and doubt.” – Elaine Aron
  • “For a highly sensitive person, a drizzle feels like a monsoon.” – Unknown
  • “The way to come to tolerate and then enjoy being involved in the world is by being in the world.” – Elaine Aron
  • “Don’t mistake my highly sensitive bad a** sparkly cosmic intuitive awesomeness for some kind of weakness or low self esteem issue.” – Unknown

Positive Affirmations

  • It is time to embrace being sensitive
  • Being sensitive means being kind
  • I’m more than my sensitivity
  • I welcome positive feelings/emotions into my life
  • I can protect myself, my energy and my space without guilt
  • I’m sensitive, and also strong
  • I don’t have to do what everyone else wants me to do
  • I don’t have to explain myself
  • It’s okay to say no
  • Putting myself first is necessary some days

To Remember

  • There is nothing wrong with you.
  • You are not alone.
  • Being sensitive is not a bad thing.
  • Think of your sensitivity like a super power… and own it!
  • Self care is important.
  • 20% of people are highly sensitive. You are not alone!
  • Just because some don’t understand, doesn’t mean that you’re broken or wrong.
  • You will need more time, more space, more care and patience, and more quiet.
  • Listen to your body! Not to what others think.
  • Water can be the best therapy – drink it, listen to it and bath in it.
  • You are not over reacting.

Other Positive Thoughts


This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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