To Write or To Procrastinate

I won’t lie. I’m writing this right now in an attempt to avoid writing the novel idea I actually want to be writing. Should be easy right? I want to write it, I have the idea, easy peasy, everything’s good to go. Nope, definitely not. Everything is cruising through procrastination town while my brain says to write or to procrastinate. Clearly, it’s to procrastinate; today anyways.

So first lets look at some writing tools to help those who really are looking for tips, tricks and help with their writing.



If you haven’t heard of this one already, I feel you must be living under a rock, a very dense one. Everyone I know who is into writing or post secondary education has mentioned this one to me when they hear I am attempting to finally finish the book I started 5 years ago. This site offers grammar help, if the title didn’t give it away.

It’s a basic writing tool, great for anyone with or without an English degree (like me). We all make mistakes no matter how much education we have. It’s free and supported by Chrome, not sure how well it works on Mac computers as I am a cheap bugger who enjoys their PC.


Now this one is both helpful and not. I do love the site, others have said it is a nice concept but completely useless to them. This one in particular is to help with motivation and give you a goal to work toward. Not so great if you don’t have a competitive side, and especially not great if you don’t have a friend group to do this with. Originally meant for November, and now offering additional months, NaNoWriMo is meant to set yourself a goal and give badges as motivation tools to help you write. You can compete against friends, join groups online and (before covid) in person to write and brainstorm together.

I personally enjoy this site in April when you have a choice of what your goal is, which in November is a mandatory 50,000 words (the minimum word count to be considered a novel). In April a friend and I pick a goal together around the 10,000 range and never actually hit it, if we’re being honest. However it does still help! I’d be writing a whole lot less without the looming goal and admitting to my writing pal that I was so very unsuccessful. Something is better than nothing. Sometimes you need that extra little nudge to remind you to write when you get home from work or to start scribbling your ideas between chores on the weekend.

If it works for you, that is.

Buy a Desk

Now I know this is not an option for everyone. It took me 3 years to buy my own for financial reasons. I also know this is not a program or site, but trust me, it helps. It is 100 times easier to sit down to write when you have somewhere to actually write. It gets too easy to say you have no money for the coffee shop, or you’ll write in front of the T.V (who are we kidding really.)

Buy, borrow, or make a desk and dedicated area for writing, and put everything you need to stay motivated there. Even if it’s just a bunch of boxes with a sheet on top, or free nightstand from the side of the road.

Now on to the best ways to procrastinate, for me anyways. Because if we’re being honest, that’s why you’re really here. It’s why I’m here. I promise I’ll post a better list of writing help in the future, because clearly I need it too!


Basic Games

The best way to procrastinate without using too much brain power is to find those perfect mind numbing games that take little effort or thought. You know the ones, you might even know these ones.

  1. Neopets (I know you have an account, and yes, they’re starving)
  2. We Become What We Behold – A great new little game out! I promise you will not be disappointed.
  3. Cookie Clicker – The best game for annoying your friends! You honestly just click a cookie.. I kid you not.
  4. Line Rider – One of my personal favourites from being a kid to now. Simple, silly and entertaining. Draw your line and ride it.

The Tried and True: Social Media

You really can’t go wrong with social media as a procrastination tool. You’ve got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Tumblr.

Some less known options are Pinterest, Goodreads (for the avid reader/ wanna be librarian), Reddit. There is also LinkedIn – the perfect way to procrastinate while also feeling like you’re getting something done. Updating your work profile, sharing friends posts and trying your hand at their ridiculous list of skill tests is being productive right?

Online Shopping

Pretty self explanatory. (You can even check out our site! )

Video Games

My personal favourite (When not writing posts) is video games. I am lucky enough to have a bunch of systems to choose from, as well as games (all bought on sale, cheap bugger remember). Here are some of my favourites, most or all of which can be found across different platforms.

  1. Valheim
  2. Stardew Valley
  3. Elder Scrolls Online
  4. Skyrim (the repeatable favourite)
  5. Fable I, II, III
  6. Darksiders I, II, III
  7. No Mans Sky (especially now with the pet update)
  8. There are more but my brain has decided to look for ways to procrastinate finishing this post.

The End

So there you have it. My very short list of ways to avoid procrastination as well as ways to improve your procrastination. Get out there and do… well, something!


This is my life, this is me. Only slightly filtered and completely honest this is the journal of my life and my way of coping with the everyday.

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