To Write or To Procrastinate

I won’t lie. I’m writing this right now in an attempt to avoid writing the novel idea I actually want to be writing. Should be easy right? I want to write it, I have the idea, easy peasy, everything’s good to go. Nope, definitely not. Everything is cruising through procrastination town while my brain says…Read more

Sabbatical: Yes or No?

Consider Your Reason. Why are you looking to take a sabbatical or leave of absence? Is it burn out? Familial obligation? Personal illness, or a need to pursue your passions? OR is it because you hate your job? If it’s the last, that you hate your job, consider searching for a job while you still…Read more


Here’s to those who “exaggerate.” To those who are too sensitive Who cry too much Who are too loud Here’s to those who are loved, but not liked by their family. To those who are different Who get the disapproving looks And the head shakes and eye roles To any one who is never taken…Read more