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Trying to Escape Chronic Stress

For as long as I can remember I have been a bundle of stress. Even during the most happy and relaxed days. There was always an undertone of stress. I can’t escape it. I never will. Chronic stress is forever It has taken me a while to come to terms with this. Honestly, the first…Read more

Black Cats on Friday the Thirteenth

In honour of Friday the 13th and black cats everywhere. Here is a “black cat” crossing your path. A little background. Black cats get a bad reputation, especially here in the “West.” In Western culture black cats are considered bad luck. They are considered bad omens and can cause bad things to happen if they…Read more

Don’t Give Up

It’s time to learn to not give up. I’m one of those people who starts a million different things and never finishes one. Any tiny inconvenience and I quit. The first failure I give up. The tiniest bit of doubt or opposition from someone else and I’m out. Don’t give up. Please for your sake…Read more

Chronic Stress

For as long as I can remember I have been stressed. From finding out about my anxiety when I was around 13, to worrying about weight, appearance, grades, if people liked me, the future, you name it, while growing up. At sixteen I landed at my doctors with chest pain, and by seventeen it had…Read more

Kitchen Witch: Yule Herbs

Yule is a time to give up the past, protect our loved ones through the longest night of the year. To celebrate the lengthening of days and fresh starts. A large part of Yule is the herbs and evergreens used to celebrate. From burning a yule log to light your way through the darkest night….Read more