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Positive Thoughts for the Morning

Mornings can be tough. Mornings after a bad day can be even harder. So here are some positive thoughts for the morning. To help get you through the day. To start your day off with a smile or a thought, to know you are not alone. Here's to offering an easy list of positive thoughts… Continue reading Positive Thoughts for the Morning

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Managing Stress in a Tiny Apartment

Make it your own If you live alone or with understanding roommates, the first step is to make the apartment feel like home. Make it your own. Add colour to walls if you're allowed. If not - look into removable wall vinyls, or draperies and decals. Hang curtains, put up pictures (with no nail hooks… Continue reading Managing Stress in a Tiny Apartment

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36 [Unorthodox] Ways To Meditate

The Following are just a quick look at many (but not all) different kinds of meditation/ ways to meditate available. Regular Sit or Lay down, make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally while you focus your attention on the breath. On how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Candle/Gazing Sitting… Continue reading 36 [Unorthodox] Ways To Meditate

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Meditation For The Stressed and Skeptical Beginner

For anyone, including myself who struggles with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic illness. Anything out of the norm, there is always a chorus of healthy people saying "try meditation!" Whether it is meditation, yoga, exercise etc, we've heard it all. I've been just as skeptical as you. I have done the research, watched videos and read… Continue reading Meditation For The Stressed and Skeptical Beginner